World Malaria Day Message from Interim Director, PAMCA

Dear PAMCA members and friends, 


World Malaria Day is an International Day of Observance, commemorated on the 25th April every year. On this day, we recognize global efforts to control malaria, a disease of high burden with over 240 million cases and 620,000 deaths annually. The majority of these cases are in sub-Saharan Africa and wreak havoc on individuals, communities and economies. Sustained political commitment and continued investment in malaria prevention and control is needed now more than ever. Despite commendable efforts to tackle malaria, we are reminded of the sobering fact that in Africa, the decline in deaths from malaria has stalled and in some areas, is on the rise. It is imperative that we do not rest on our laurels. The lives of Africans and so many other vulnerable people across the world are at risk from a preventable disease and we should not sit comfortably with that fact.At PAMCA, we remain committed to our vision of an Africa free from vector-borne diseases and we are inspired by the work of our network of partners who share our goals and are actively working to accelerate change. This year’s WMD theme, as defined by the RBM Partnership to End Malaria, is “Time to Deliver Zero Malaria: Invest, Innovate, Implement”. As we pause to reflect on our successes and challenges on  #WorldMalariaDay, let us renew our commitment towards a malaria free world and follow this up with concerted action. We continue to call on countries and global stakeholders to invest sufficiently, facilitate an enabling environment for innovation to flourish globally, and implement evidence-based interventions informed by locally identified needs. 

Happy World Malaria Day!

Dr. Emma Orefuwa 

Co- Founder & Executive Director (Ag.) 



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