PAMCA Kenya Chapter Activities

PAMCA Kenya chapter members webinar 2020

PAMCA Kenya chapter organised an all members webinar on the 5th of November 2020 under the theme, “PAMCA Kenya revitalised: progress and milestones.” The webinar program consisted of a status update from the chairperson of PAMCA Kenya Chapter, Dr. Simon Muriu followed by a panel discussion that included lively discussions from a host of invited panelists and regular PAMCA Kenya chapter members that addressed various topics related to the practice of the discipline of entomology in Kenya. The panelists were a mix of senior scientist giving brief highlights of their career lives and a representative from the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) who addressed issues to do with integrating vector control in the NMCP operations, the role of entomology. Prof. Njeri Wamae spoke on the topic: “Entomology from the perspective of academia: are we at crossroads?” Dr. Luna Kamau addressed the topic: “Entomology research and administration: the delicate balance.” Prof. Clifford Mutero spoke on the title: “My entomology career journey.” Mr. Lenson Kariuki, a representative from the NMCP spoke on the topic: “Vector control from the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) perspective: what is the role of entomology?” The webinar was moderated by Dr. Damaris Matoke – Muhia and Dr. Elijah Juma and was well attended by members of PAMCA Kenya chapter as well as other international audience.

World Mosquito Day 2020 commemoration webinar

The chapter organised a webinar on World Mosquito Day, celebrated annually in the month of August. The webinar was co-hosted by Dr. Damaris Matoke - Muhia and Dr. Elijah Juma. The webinar was held on 20th August 2020. The theme of the webinar was “Rethinking New Approaches for Vector-borne Disease Control”. The webinar featured three speakers presenting on various topics. Dr. Eric Ochomo presented on the topic, “A snapshot of new approaches to malaria vector control.” Prof. Rosemary Sang presented on, “Recent disease trends indicative of rising arbovirus transmission in Africa, a cause for concern”; and Dr. Jeremy Herren presented on the topic, “Symbionts of Anopheles for malaria transmission blocking.” The webinar was well subscribed with a global audience in attendance.  

PAMCA Kenya chapter hosts a symposium at the KASH Conference 2020

PAMCA Kenya Chapter hosted a symposium on arboviruses during the 10th KEMRI Annual Scientific and Health (KASH) Conference held between 11th – 13th February 2020, at the Safari Park hotel, Nairobi, Kenya. The title of the symposium was, “It Is Not Just Malaria: Arboviral Transmission, Disease, Surveillance, And Prevention in Kenya”. The symposium was chaired by Prof. Charles Mbogo and Co-chaired by Dr. Simon Muriu. The symposium featured a host of presentations on the broad topic of arboviruses from different speakers including Dr. Damaris Matoke – Muhia, who presented on title, “The potential of integrated vector management and innovative technologies for efficiently controlling arboviral diseases.” Dr. Francis Mutuku presented on the title, “The human arboviral disease burden in coastal Kenya: short and long-term childhood burden of arboviral infection, manifestations and consequences of concurrent Plasmodium falciparum-arbovirus infections.” Dr. Bryson Ndenga presented on the topic, “The ecology and dynamics of Aedes aegypti immature and adult stages in coastal and western Kenya: A potential risk for the outbreak of arboviral diseases.” Prof Rosemary Sang & Dr Joel Lutomia presented on the topic: “Current status of arboviral surveillance in Kenya.” Dr. Lydiah Kibe presented on the topic: “Community based mosquito control: Empowering schoolchildren and communities in the control Aedes Aegypti mosquito in coastal Kenya.”

PAMCA in Collaboration with Infravec2 to Hold a Workshop on Vector-Borne Epidemics Preparedness and Vector Control

The Pan-African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) in collaboration with Infravec2 is set to hold a three-day workshop dubbed ‘Vector-borne epidemics preparedness and vector control’’ from the 23rd to 25th of July 2018 at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) in Nairobi, Kenya.

The three-day workshop is intended to bring together government bodies and institutions representatives across the African region to define how gaps and needs in vector borne diseases research can be accomplished, communication improved, and excellent data sharing achieved among countries.

The objective of the meeting is five-fold, to work on; the common indicators for disease preparedness; harmonization and standardization in data collection; quality of data; databases for vector-borne diseases; data demands and uses; and increasing confidence in data information.

PAMCA at the 8th KEMRI Annual Scientific and Health Conference

PAMCA secretariat; Dorothy Faraay and Oscar Ochieng attended the 8th KEMRI Annual Scientific and Health Conference held from 14th -16th February 2018 at the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi. The main theme of the conference was “Health Research for Sustainable Development”. The conference was officially opened by Hon. Sicily Kariuki, Cabinet Secretary Health, Kenya. The key note address was made by Prof. Charles Mbogo, PAMCA’s President, and KASH Organizing Committee Chair. A total of 500 people participated in the conference, including KEMRI staff members led by the Director, Prof. Yeri Kombe, also in attendance was Dr. Kevin De Cock, CDC Country Director, members of the Health Committee of Parliament, researchers, academics, entomologists and science journalists.

The conference was an opportunity to meet and network with industry players in the field of mosquito and related diseases to whom various materials on PAMCA were distributed. It was also a platform to increase public awareness of PAMCA’s activities. During the health break sessions, participants had an opportunity to ask questions for clarifications – Approximately 70 participants, mostly PhD students and research journalists visited the booth. Most of whom were interested in joining the organisation and wanted to know more about PAMCA and what is in store for them once they subscribe as members.

During the conference, the secretariat was able to forge linkages with science journalists who were covering the event and participating in training on how to package and disseminate information on science and health especially on malaria and other related vector borne diseases. PAMCA was successful in enhancing the visibility of PAMCA’s work and role to pertinent audiences; health experts and policy makers; increase membership and membership retention – expand the number of professionals in PAMCA membership; build rapport with media in-order to increase media coverage of PAMCA activities.

PAMCA Kenya Chapter Participates in the SADC Malaria Commemoration Day in Limpopo Province, South Africa

Pan African Mosquito Control Association Secretariat led by its Executive Director, Dr. Prosper Chaki attended the Southern African Development Community (SADC) malaria commemoration day held on 10th November 2017, Polokwane, South Africa. The event had a strong focus on advocacy, highlighting the plight of malaria in the Southern Africa Region, coupled with showcasing excellence in science, and innovation towards malaria prevention, control and elimination.

The main objective for the commemoration of the SADC Malaria Day was to raise awareness about malaria among malaria affected communities, key decision makers, the media, relevant stakeholders and the public at large. Its theme was ‘Strong cross-border collaboration is key to malaria elimination’.

The event brought together researchers, decision makers, entomologists, researchers, academics, WHO officials and health ministers from SADC region and beyond with the common aim of trying to find lasting solutions to some of the most destructive diseases like malaria, polio and other vector borne diseases.

The event was also an opportunity for PAMCA to network with other organisations that have similar objectives in the wider SADC region do.

Executive Committee

Chairperson - Simon Muriu;

Secretary - Damaris Matoke;

Treasurer - Joseph Mwangangi;

Communications Manager – David Mburu;

Operations Manager – Bryson Ndenga;